Think About It.

Shouldn’t you love the hand that feeds you, a little more? Love the love that is unconditionally provided to you? Love your love for the life that spewed from yours to hers? Shouldn’t you cherish something so giving? And allow yourself to bask in all its glory? Recognize something when it is given to you for what it is, pure. And take care of it. Let it want to be the gift that keeps giving. That’s what love can be when you create a good home for it. Instead you have made it homeless. There is no room for this love. You do not want it. You have swatted away the very hand that tries to feed you. You have provided this unconditional love with nothing but a love so conditional that it is unsure. Doubtful. You have forgotten about the life that was given for you, so willingly, like it never happened. The worst part is you effortlessly forget. You do not cherish this gift, a gift that not many of us get to receive. Instead you devour only what you decide you need, and fuck the rest. Take it for granted. You leave this love on call. Only to be important when you deem it. You do not bask in its glory because your attention is on your own. You are your own GOD. You worship your own soul. So you don’t appreciate love, real love. No. If you did, there wouldn’t be a cause for any of this. There wouldn’t be tears for dinner and lies for dessert. There wouldn’t be a love looking for a home, running for shelter. There would be heaven, for you. But you choose to remain in a place you don’t even realize is a hell. Because the gift that could’ve kept given is no longer in a state to provide to you. Life without true love is hell. But you will soon realize where you are and what you have lost. And the love, you so willingly let slip from your grasp, will have found a new home. A better home. A sure and unconditional home. And this love, that you lost, is such a pure one. So pure that it won’t carry hate, or vengeance. But only a hope, that you will one day open yourself up to receive the next love that comes your way.

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