Fork in the Road Pt.2

We go through life with two eyes and two legs to get us through. Alongside those things we have our heart and our mind. Put that all together and you have the essentials to our existence. These things don’t always agree with one another. Sometimes, the direction we see with our eyes is not always the direction in which we want to take our legs. And sometimes what our minds know we need to do is not always what our hearts want. How do we decide which is more important? Do we go by what we see to be true or where our legs want us to go? Do we live by the decisions made from our mind or do we follow our heart? Life isn’t as simple as just having one answer to these questions. When it comes to your happiness, there is much to consider. I believe, if we are rational beings, we use both ends of the spectrum in our decision making. But, at a point, we lean more towards one end. We have no idea where it’ll take us, it is a gamble, but we make the move because well, we have to, and we deserve a shot at happiness. Sometimes, for our happiness we may just use our hearts. Or, sometimes we ignore our heart and use our mind for someone else’s happiness. Thats where our legs go in a different direction than our eyes saw itself going in. Life isn’t simple. Life repeatedly presents us with forks in the road, and we’ll have to pick a direction. We’ll have to use our eyes, legs, heart, and mind to decide which way to go. These things may pull us in many different directions, but the longer we take to make a decision the longer we will be so pulled apart that our pieces are scattered. In that, we lose ourselves. When there’s a fork in the road, we must go in a direction, staying still cannot be an option. May your eyes and mind work together to decipher what you see and what you know. And may your legs and heart guide you in what you love and where you want to go. I don’t have the answer to which is more important, or which will lead you to a better life, but I think the universe will stick its nose in your business and lead you one way or the other. Whatever the decision, and what we use to make it, we should be proud of ourselves. Tackle all of the forks in the road and take a chance. Our roads deserve to be clear.

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