Sense and Sensibility

Your heart, seemingly broken yet so desperate to be loved

I can feel you

Your goodbyes disguised as pleas for people to stay

I can hear you

You paint yourself blue yet crave for someone to brush you a different hue

I can see you

You believe you smell of hopelessness but your stench gives off desire

I can smell you

Your tongue tastes bitter in your mouth as you speak of love

But I can taste you


I can truly taste you

I was left open

to bleed out.

Hurt and in pain,

pained and in hurt.

Vulnerable to anything around me,

you made your way in.

You infected me,

and it felt like love.

You had gentle hands

and an even gentler soul.

I couldn’t see the knife you hid.

I began to heal.

My cut began to close,

And everything around me

finally felt okay again.

And the moment I got comfortable

You took the hands that once held me close to your heart,

wrapped them around your knife,

and you killed me.

You killed me.