About Me

My name is Indie and I’m a writer. I’m from New York and am your typical raw, direct, and unapologetic New Yorker. But I do have a lot of sensitivity. From a young age I’ve always been told that I am a “highly emotional person” or my favorite, an “Over-thinker”. Those things are true about me, life gets overwhelming and crazy. The way I deal with it is by writing, It’s my passion as long with books. I always have to have a book in my life or I feel out of place. The greatest gift a writer ever received was their first book. Luckily enough for me, kindles can hold thousands of those things. I also love to travel, near or far, I get excited knowing experiences await me. I am a very open person, and I’m very wide-minded. I don’t believe in black and white, only grey areas because everything is not so simple, is it. I think like minded people will enjoy my page and narrow minded ones won’t. This is my therapy, this is my expression, I do not pretend to be the perfect writer. I’m not getting paid for this, this is just out of my heart and is a hobby. I am not the perfect editor or web designer so excuse any errors. I just simply want my readers to enjoy, because I really enjoy sharing with you all.

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