I am a woman who needs to be creative – that is most of my being. I can tell you that I am from New York, a place filled with culture and characters. Or that I studied Psychology and English in college and spent 6 academic years doing nothing but reading and writing, but it is beyond that. I come from a line of women who have needed to be creative in their existence, a family of writers and artists, who have gifted me books and paper of my own since a young age. In this, I was able to identify a passion that lives deep inside of me, though in my adult years I haven’t been able to pay as much attention to it as I would want. What you need to know is that I write when I can, and when it’s worth sharing I place it here, on this website. I am not doing this as a profession, I am not the perfect writer, but If I have made you feel something then I have done one thing right.

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