“That is part of the beauty of all literature. You discover that your longings are universal longings, that you’re not lonely and isolated from anyone. You belong.”
― F. Scott Fitzgerald

Recent Work

  • An Elegy: Dead and Gone

    I know that you are now gone, Though I don’t want it to be true. Because your presence I still long, Or just one chance to hold you. I imagine what you would’ve been, And how our days would be. But you are indeed gone with the wind God needed you for his own keep. […]

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  • Twin Flame

    Twin flame, How did we first come to meet? I can’t recall if it was In this life or another. But somehow, somewhere in time The stars aligned – And the rest of my soul found me. Twin flame I know to no degree – How long we are meant to burn for. But I […]

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  • Haiku 4

    Your wandering eyes, They see all existing things, All except for me.

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