2 Line Simplicity

Before you I knew of nothing more worth the cry

Before you I knew of no harsher goodbye.

The Waves

We go to the beach and stare into the ocean. We notice the waves and think of such tranquility . Why is it that we see such violence and think of it’s beauty? That’s the way I used to think of you..


Every time the waves would hit I’d close my eyes and think of you.

I’d think of your rough tide and the roar of your waters

and how still, I wanted to sit somewhere close and look into you.

I’d think of how I had jumped into you without knowing how deep and dark your ocean was

yet still, I trusted you.

How even when your biggest wave hit and you knocked me across the ocean floor,

I still stood up and went in again and again for more.

But within the strength of your high tide I found mine

and before I knew it I was able to find my own waters

and drift away from yours.

Give Me Back

Give me back what you once gave, then took away

And if you cant give that back

Then give me back what I gave to you, and you threw away

Because the choice has to be to walk completely together or walk completely alone

We can’t continue to walk two miles apart

Because what’ll happen is i’ll trip and fall, while you continue not to notice anything

But if we can walk completely together….

Then we may both trip

But we’ll be there to pick each other up

And if we choose to walk completely alone,

Then i’ll accept

But don’t forget to give ME back, to me


I know I shouldn’t

But it doesn’t mean that I don’t want to

I know its wrong

But it doesn’t mean that I want to be right

I know I shouldn’t crave your love

But I want to forget for one night

I want to forget the judgments forget the consequences

But if I take this risk, I can’t take it back

I know I’m the farthest from traditional

But I need to think things through

I shouldn’t say “Fuck all of the rules”

But they don’t apply to me and you

A Sea Change

I look out the window and wonder

How relaxing the ocean could be

A place where I could see stars from under

Just me and the sea

Living in this place gets too loud

Sometimes I can’t hear myself think

I feel as if I’m not living this life proud

My life is passing me by in a blink

I want to start over, become anew

Make new friends, make new memories

Become a person not always so blue

And maybe discover new therapies

Sometimes I imagine myself in a cute beach house

It has huge windows, and decorated in all white

I’m wearing a big sun hat and a flowy blouse

Making my way to the café so I can write

Why can’t I have all of this at home?

This desire is known as a Sea Change

Its normally when you start to feel so alone

That you decide you no longer want to stay

But it takes a lot of courage to leave

Its scary to start over, will I ever be brave enough?

Or maybe it’s just a fantasy, just another crazy dream

Another thing I “think” I want, another bluff

Maybe one day I could carry this one out

Finally, be adventurous, and take a true chance

I could truly live, instead of moping about

But for now, I’ll dream on…and live in another trance

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