A Sea Change

I look out the window and wonder

How relaxing the ocean could be

A place where I could see stars from under

Just me and the sea

Living in this place gets too loud

Sometimes I can’t hear myself think

I feel as if I’m not living this life proud

My life is passing me by in a blink

I want to start over, become anew

Make new friends, make new memories

Become a person not always so blue

And maybe discover new therapies

Sometimes I imagine myself in a cute beach house

It has huge windows, and decorated in all white

I’m wearing a big sun hat and a flowy blouse

Making my way to the café so I can write

Why can’t I have all of this at home?

This desire is known as a Sea Change

Its normally when you start to feel so alone

That you decide you no longer want to stay

But it takes a lot of courage to leave

Its scary to start over, will I ever be brave enough?

Or maybe it’s just a fantasy, just another crazy dream

Another thing I “think” I want, another bluff

Maybe one day I could carry this one out

Finally, be adventurous, and take a true chance

I could truly live, instead of moping about

But for now, I’ll dream on…and live in another trance

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