My eyes shut and don’t feel any heaviness, not for a second. Instead they feel as light as can be, reaching a heaven with clouds and everything soft, knowing that you soon will appear. You are heaven, in my eyes, undoubtedly my haven. I am ecstatic. Within milliseconds, there you are, and I see everything that I’ve been missing. Your eyes are in mine, as passionate as the ocean slamming against the shore, they scream of a blue so beautiful that I get lost. In your eyes I see longing, both of ours, as mine reflects in yours. And I can’t help but to imagine your arms locked around my waist as you pull me closer to the heart that is mine. Your hands travel down through skin smooth as silk and you find the ocean that we both love to bask in. We stay for what seems like hours, involved in a love as similar as the sea, endless. Here we are one, moving through a single body and mind. Then, a moment later, my eyes betray me. Everything goes black. They slowly open and I realize the harsh reality. There is no you. There is no us. Just a reality that awaits and awaits for the next chance to get to you, the only way that I can. A reality that misses your warmth and our fire. A fire so strong that I understand eventually it needed to be put out. But one that I know to spark again. So whenever I feel my eyes begin to shut and feel relieved, I am always ready, willing, and waiting for us and our chance to finally be together.

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